Having Paros as your summer vacation destination, you will need to organize your schedule, as... you won't know which of the beautiful beaches to choose first! Paros is a large island with several settlements and villages that deserve to be seen and admired, thanks to the picturesqueness that characterizes them, but also to the view that some of them offer due to their altitude. In addition, the attractions are many and some are characterized by uniqueness, such as the biotope of the valley with butterflies, Panagia Ekatontapiliani, as well as the ancient marble quarry near the village of Marathi.
Your days on the island will certainly be unforgettable, while, starting from Paros, you have the opportunity to visit the neighboring popular and beautiful Antiparos!


Distance: 2.5 km

Parikia, also known as Chora Paros, has the status of the capital of Paros. It is built on the site of the ancient city, in the center of the western gulf of the island. Here you will enjoy strolling along the palm-lined promenade and stopping repeatedly at one of the many restaurants, cafes or bars for food, snacks or drinks. Whether you have come with the family or with a larger group, you can have nice shopping and walks in the alleys with whitewashed houses and bougainvillea.
In Parikia you will definitely visit the Castle, which was built in the 13th century, while in Krio where you live, an arched building has been discovered inside a carved rock! Here is also the famous Panagia Ekatontapyliani, which was built by the emperor Constantine, according to the wishes of his mother, Saint Helen. See the mills on the hill of Agia Anna and indulge in the magic of the view!
The old market is also very atmospheric, while it is worth looking for the bust of the fighter Mantos Mavrogenos, in the homonymous square.

Panagia Ekatontapiliani - Monasteri

Distance: 2.5 km

Located in Parikia, just a 5-minute walk from the port this is one of the most important well-preserved early Christian monuments located in Greece and the largest in size. It was built by Saint Constantine in the 4th centrury to fulfill Saint Helen’s wish and it is considered the protector of Paros.
“Ekatontapyliani” means a hundred gates, 99 gates are visible in this monument and the 100th gate is said to be revealed in Hagia Sofia. It is a beautiful monastery and a must see for culture and religion lovers. The monastery celebrates on August 15th by organizing a big festival among many other celebrations that take place in the port like fish boat parades, fireworks accompanied by choirs playing traditional music.


Distance: 12 km

The captivating Naoussa of Paros has it all! The picturesque settlement of the island is full of life, yet preserves its traditional character. Neighborhoods with beautiful alleys, an atmospheric medieval castle that completes the setting and many nearby beaches such as Ambelas, Agioi Anargyroi and Santa Maria are just some of the local attractions. In Naoussa you will experience beautiful moments at all times of the day (and night!), as well as during meals, enjoying fresh fish and local cuisine.
Naoussa will be your starting point, in order to explore its interesting surrounding villages or to one of the 6 Byzantine monasteries in the area. Relive the Greek culture of the past with a visit to the Mycenaean acropolis in Koukounaries or observing the Folklore Collection hosted by Naoussa. Also, you can combine sports, entertainment and ecological action in the Environmental & Cultural Park of Paros.


In Paros one can find many beaches of varying natural beauty and special specifications. Since your beautiful accommodation is located in the area of Krios, you can easily reach the beach of the same name. In 4 minutes by car you will enjoy this sheltered bay (prefer it to walking, as you will get there more comfortably).
In the northwest you will swim in Santa Maria, with its sandy beach and sand dunes, while in Little Santa Maria you will also stop for food. If you are also looking for the comforts of an organized beach, choose between Glyfa, Livadia, Monastiri or Aliki. For wind-surfing you will go to the Golden Coast, while if you want to engage in water sports, prefer Punta Kite or Logara.
If you have come with the family, the nearby Marcello beach combines everything: it is unorganized, but characterized by tranquility on the west side, while there is also a section with amenities and a beach bar, some distance away, on the wider beach. In Kolymbithres, you will find a beach with wild beauty, since it is "embraced" by granite rocks. Farangas and Agia Irini with the palm trees are also beautiful beaches. Finally, if you are looking for worldliness and intense vibes, you will stay in Punda!

Villages of Paros

The beauty of Paros is revealed gradually, while one visits its many and special villages! On the eastern side of the island is Marpissa, a settlement that captivates with its medieval element, but also with its magnificent view. Continue with a stop for fish at the harbor at Piso Livadi, Ampelas or Molos. An additional interesting nearby village is Prodromos with the old fort. Here is also the historical Tsitsanis tavern. At a distance of about 3.5 kilometers we meet Lefkes: this beautiful village dominates from above, due to its amphitheater development, while it remains unforgettable thanks to the greenery that characterizes it.
The semi-mountainous Kostos also offers a view as far as Naxos, as well as special treats in one of its traditional cafes. Find him between Lefkes and Parikia! A short distance from Parikia you will have the opportunity to see Marmaras, with its imposing stone buildings. Continue to Dryos, a port with a long history. You will end this tour by climbing a little higher, to the White Village.
As for the south, you will visit the fishing village of Aliki with the Cycladic color. No matter where you start, you will appreciate how much there is to see in the villages of Paros!